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Rules, guidelines, FAQ's, and other general information.
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The Village Square
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A place to discuss LOTRO RP hooks, ideas, and events of any kind. Use this board to plan events and plots, interface with other members, or gauge interest in new RP concepts.
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By DemureDiva o Apr 23, 17
Biographies for characters belonging to the Free Folk.
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By Sara Aug 11, 16
The Wayfarers' Guild is an adventuring company run by Oendir Arrowheart. Its headquarters is located in Durrow, and the Company is one of the village's economic strongholds. This board contains information about the Guild, its members, and their exploits.
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By Valthier Jan 6, 17
A place for members of the Hawthorn family, a Bree-based family RP group. All Hawthorn-related writing, art, chat, and write-ups should go here.
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By Cwen Dec 28, 16
Out of Character
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LotRO-inspired fiction, art, and out-of-game forum RP.
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By Oendir a Feb 14, 17
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